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2012     (tag: 2012)

Best Albums of 2012 - Some of the best albums of 2012. Check out the whole list of albums on the spotify playlist below or
Best Albums of 2012 Q4 - Some of the best albums from the fourth quarter of 2012 (October, November, December)
Mercury Prize 2012 - Mercury Music Prize 2012 Shortlist nominees. Best British albums of 2012 (and end of 2011).
Upbeat Songs 2012 H2 - Upbeat songs from the 2nd half of 2012
Mellow Songs 2012 H2 - Some handpicked mellow songs from the second half of 2012
Best Albums of 2012 Q3 - Some of the best albums of July, August, and September 2012
Ultra Music Festival 2012 - Headliners at the Ultra Music Festival 2012 in Miami
Lollapalooza 2012 - Some key musicians at Lollapalooza 2012
Best Albums of 2012 Q2 - Albums from April, May, June 2012
Best Albums of 2012 Q1 - Taken from AlbumOfTheYear, these are some of the top rated albums so far of 2012. Beginning of the y
Coachella 2012 - Some of the main acts at Coachella in 2012. This is also a good list of big bands that are touring.
2012 Rap Songs - New or maybe not so new rap songs worth checking out. A lot of these are taken from RapRadar
Mellow Songs 2012 H1 - New songs that are pretty mellow. For more upbeat songs check out the "New Upbeat Songs" p
Upbeat Songs 2012 H1 - Upbeat songs from first half of 2012 worth checking out. Check out the mix below on the mixcloud pla

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