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How to Use Listen 4 Good

This is a collection of explanations and video tutorials about how to use

1. 'Browsing Music' -

The main ways to browse music on this site are: playlists, artists, radio, and tags. Each way can be good ways to discover new music

2. 'View Playlists' -

Playlists are categorized by tags. The core component of the playlists is the YouTube videos. Once you click play on one video, after that video finishes then the next one will play. (if your device supports flash and javascript). You can click on the artists on the playlist to see other playlists they are in or other videos or detailed information about them.

3. 'View Artists' -

Each artist page has the playlists they are in on this site, videos of theirs on this site, and a link to detailed information on AllMusic (discography, biography, similar artists, etc..). A good way to find new bands is to look at playlists that have artists in them that you like.

4. 'Radio' -

The radio section actually loads 12 random videos from this site. It will play all the videos in sequence if you have flash and javascript. You can also click on a playlist that a song is from to see other songs of that playlist.

5. 'Tags (Categories)' -

Tags are useful to see all the playlists that are of a certain type. For example, if you want to see all playlists related to 2012, albums, electronica, etc...

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6. 'Creating a playlist' -

This is an overview of how to create a playlist using First, create an account. Then search for a song on the home page. Click to add song to new playlist (type name of playlist). Find other songs and add them to that same playlist. Go to the playlists page and find the playlist you want to modify. Add description, comments, tags, etc...

7. 'Playlist Ordering' -

Currently the playlists order by Score (descending) then by Date added. So if you want to have a song be at the top then give it the highest score. If all songs are the same score then it will show the newest song at the top

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